Friday, February 15, 2019

Free Pediatric & Adult Equipment Available!

SC Assistive Tech Program logo
More free adult and pediatric equipment 
from SCATP!

To make an appointment to pick up an item, please call Alli Upchurch at (803) 935-5273.

Please note: These are only a few items that SCATP currently has. If you need something that is not pictured here, please call to see if we have it!

You can also check out the AT Exchange:

See you at the AT Expo on March 5, 2019!

 Pediatric Wheelchair
Seat width 13 inches
Seat depth 15 inches
Pediatric Wheelchair picture

 Pediatric tilt wheelchair
Seat width 10 inches
Seat depth 11 inches
Pediatric Tilt Wheelchair picture

Rifton bath chair with tub stand
Fits children between 32 and 50 inches tall
Weight capacity 120 pounds
Rifton Bath Chair with Tub Stand picture

Otter bath chair-medium
For children between 32 and 50 inches tall
Weight Capacity 120 pounds
Otter Bath Chair Medium picture

PVC bath chair
For children up to 40 inches tall
Weight capacity 100 pounds
PVC Bath Chair picture

Adaptive Stroller
Seat width 13 inches
Seat depth 10 inches
Adaptive Stroller picture

Pediatric wheelchair
Seat width 12 inches
Seat depth 13 inches
Pediatric Wheelchair picture

Pediatric hoyer lift (no sling)
Weight capacity 150 pounds
Pediatric Hoyer Lift no sling picture

Adult manual wheelchair, black
16 inches wide
16 inches deep
Adult Manual Wheelchair black picture

Adult manual wheelchair, blue
16 inches wide
16 inches deep
Adult Manual Wheelchair blue picture

 Adult wheelchair with high back and tilt
20 inches wide
18 inches deep
34 inches tall with extended back (removable)
Adult Wheelchair with High Back and Tilt picture

Thursday, February 14, 2019

AT to Build Successful Students

SC Assistive Tech Program logo

Emerging Technology, Implementation 
and Assistive Technology 
for Improved Function

Date: February 19, 2019
Time: 9:30 am – 11:30 am
Cost: Free
Location: SC Assistive Technology Program, Poplar Conference Room, Columbia, SC 29203 (Directions)

While each student learns differently, successful students have one thing in common–they take an active role in their learning.  With new technologies and strategies, it’s easier than ever for classrooms to invite EVERY student to gain independence through student-led learning.  This truly creates the Least Restrictive Environment–where students are fully empowered. Please join us as we dive deeply into this model that is transforming, not just classrooms, but also students’ lives every day. Learn new strategies to infuse Student-Led Learning into your practice–through personal interactions, data, and technologies for Google, Microsoft, and Apple that are changing learning. 

Presenter: Trisha Johnson

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Attend Our FREE Movie Screening!

SC Spinal Cord Injury Assoc logo

You're invited...
but first, we need your input!!

We are planning a FREE movie screening event for our Midlands Breeze peer support group and all members of the South Carolina Spinal Cord Injury Association.  We've been told that if we plan fun events, we will get attendance-- so that is what we are doing! Please fill out the below survey and let us know how we can make this the best event possible.

Please take our survey


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

AAC Survey

Survey on corkboard

Augmentive & Alternative Communication 
Parent Survey 

We are currently seeking families of individuals with complex communication needs to complete a survey on communication systems and AAC services.

The goal is to gather information that will help improve the awareness of AAC services, AAC implementation strategies, and barriers of accessibility of communication systems and services.

Thank you for your participation

Monday, February 11, 2019

Love is in the Air: How to Build Healthy Relationships

Couple holding hands

Learn about healthy relationships! 

Join us for this free training that will focus on all types of relationships ranging from friendship, family, professional, and romantic.

Come online or in-person and learn more about:
  • ways to create healthy relationships
  • how to meet new people
  • flirting vs harassment
  • and much more! 
Register here!

Monday, February 25
1:00-2:00 PM

Tuesday, February 26
2-3:30 PM
Able SC Columbia 

Please make requests for accommodations at least one week prior to the event by calling 800-681-6805/TTY: 803-779-0949 or emailing

Monday, February 04, 2019

Happy Anniversary! We're Celebrating 25 Years!

AbleSC25 logo

This month marks the 25th anniversary of Able South Carolina. On February 4, 1994, a group of individuals with disabilities opened our doors to provide services and support to others with disabilities!  Since that day, we have been working hard empowering people with disabilities and promoting community inclusion throughout our great state.
We must admit, when Able SC was founded 25 years ago, we did not know the magnitude of change we would create for people with disabilities in South Carolina. We could not have possibly known that tens of thousands of South Carolinians would learn to live independently through one-on-one sessions, group instruction, and peer mentoring with our team. We could not have known how important our work to create systemic change would be or that thousands of parents and prospective parents with disabilities would come to rely on our efforts to protect their rights. We could not have known how our work would lead an effort to remove employment barriers for individuals with disabilities, nor did we imagine that we would become a nationally recognized disability organization. 

Yet, we have always known that people with disabilities need our organization. They count on us to challenge stereotypes, break down barriers, and be the positive voice around disability. They count on us to be a safe organization that understands the barriers they face, empowers them to be independent, and sees their disability as a beautiful part of who they are.
Most importantly, we know we couldn't offer any of our services without people like you supporting our mission. Without your help, we could not accomplish anything. We are so thankful for every consumer, funder, donor, supporter, friend, staff, and board member who has shaped our organization into what it is today. You all are an important piece of Able South Carolina. 

While Able SC has accomplished more than we could have ever imagined, we have so much more to do to promote independence for people with disabilities in the years to come. We are excited about continuing to push the disability rights movement forward in SC and preparing our future generations of disability advocates—our youth with disabilities—to take the lead!

Now it's time to celebrate! You have played a crucial role in the enduring history of Able SC and we encourage you to participate in the storytelling and celebrations in the coming year.  Please share your personal memories with us on social media and use #AbleSC25 in any public posts. 
Thank you for 25 amazing years! We're looking forward to all we'll accomplish in the next 25 with you by our side.

Friday, February 01, 2019

Check Out Our New Title on QOL of the Intellectually Disabled

cross cultural qol front cover

Cross-Cultural Quality of Life:
Enhancing the Lives of People
with Intellectual Disabilities

Robert L. Schalock and Kenneth D. Keith

The second edition of this popular book reflects many of the changes in the field of IDD in the first 15 years of this century, including an increased understanding of the quality-of-life (QOL) concept and the influence it has had on the field. This edition represents the work of 34 contributors, representing 14 countries, who capture the significant role the QOL concept has played in personal involvement and empowerment, self-advocacy, family-related QOL, supports planning, outcomes evaluation, continuous quality improvement, organization transformation, and systems-level change. 

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Check Out Our New Title on Issues in Intellectual Disabilities

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities cover
Critical Issues in Intellectual
and Developmental Disabilities:
Contemporary Research, Practice, and Policy
This timely and important publication provides a concise review of what we know about ten key areas in the field of IDD and what that knowledge means for future developments in public policy, research, and practice. Developed as a foundational review of the knowledge base in preparation for the 2015 National Goals conference, the book examines the following areas:
  • Aging, retirement, and end of life
  • Education
  • Employment and economic self-sufficiency
  • Health and wellness
  • Justice
  • Long-term supports and services
  • Self-determination and self-advocacy
  • Social inclusion
  • Supports for families
  • Workforce issues
This book will be particularly useful to practitioners, policy analysts, researchers, and students. Taken as a whole, this work concisely illustrates the gaps between the existing evidence and what must still be demonstrated, what practices we know to be effective and contemporary strategies for implementing those practices, and where we are and where we aspire to be in our nation’s public policy.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Check Out Our New Title on Job Readiness!

Mploy: A Job Readiness Workbook
Career Skills Development for Young Adults
on the Autism Spectrum and with Learning Disabilities

Micheal P. McManmon,Ed.D., with
Jenifer Kolarik and Michele Ramsay, Ed.D.

This self-guided workbook is suitable for young adults aged 16-26, and includes activities designed to develop key skills for meaningful careers, so young people can enter employment with confidence. It provides everything you need as a parent, educator or professional to assist young adults with autism or learning differences to prepare for work.