Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Check Out Our New Donated Books!

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Thanks to Family Connection of South Carolina, the Center for Disability Resources Library has recently been donated a number of new Fatherhood Resource titles that will soon be available to our patrons. These titles were purchased by Family Connection of SC using funds from the National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) Grant provided through the National Responsible Fatherhood Capacity Building Inititive (NRFCBI).

For more information about the NRFCBI, visit:
For more information about Family Connection of SC, visit:
http://www.familyconnectionsc.org/ .

The following are the titles donated by Family Connection of South Carolina:
  • Successful Fathers: The Subtle But Powerful Ways Father Mold Their Children's Characters
  • Fatherless America: Confronting Our Most Urgent Social Problem
  • The Single Dad's Survival Guide
  • What A Difference A Daddy Makes
  • The Father's Book: Being A Good Dad In The 21st Century
  • Helping Guys Become Men, Husbands, and Fathers
  • The Custody Revolution: The Father Factor and the Motherhood Mystique
  • Why Fathers Count
  • Be Prepared: A Practical handbook for New Dads
  • Custody For Fathers: A Practical Guide Through the Combat Zone of a Brutal Custody Battle
  • Being A Good Dad When You Didn't Have One
  • Championship Fathering
  • Road to Fatherhood: How to Help Young Dads Become Loving and Responsible Parents
  • Married With Special-Needs Children
  • My Father Before Me: How Fathers and Sons Influence Each Other Throughout Their Lives
  • Clear and to the Point: 8 Psychological Principles for Compelling PowerPoint Presentations
NOTE: Click on the title above to go to the Family Connection of South Carolina. web site.

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