Monday, December 03, 2012

The Young Child with Special Needs Conference

Complexity in managing young children with special needs requires multidisciplinary approaches, along with family-focused interventions and support. Coordination of these interventions in multiple settings adds even greater challenge for health care providers, special educators, pre-school teachers, therapists, speech pathologists and parents. As professionals working with young children with developmental disabilities, we are charged with enhancing our knowledge of medical and behavioral conditions, refining our assessment skills and expanding our tools and strategies for managing these special needs children.

We invite you to attend the 22nd Annual Conference on "The Young Child with Special Needs" where you will hear the latest applied research, learn strategies for addressing a variety of developmental disabilities, enhance your tool kit for dealing with problem behaviors, and recognize the importance and impact of early intervention. Networking with the faculty from a variety of disciplines, as well as colleagues from around the nation, will enhance your professional development as you strive to provide the best possible outcome for these children and their families.

Highlights of the program:

  •  Select from 2 popular Preconferences—Updates in Autism in Young Special Needs Children and Advances in Care for Medically Complex Special Needs Children.
  •  Determine effective interventions for fetal alcohol syndrome disorders.
  •  Overcome the challenges of special needs children who are in foster care environments.
  •  Examine the impact of healthcare reform for this special population.
  •  Identify emerging disabilities so that appropriate programs can be initiated to maximize outcomes.
  •  Create your own program: Select from 16 Concurrent Sessions, including; children with cochlear implants, use of assistive and augmentive communication, ADHD, implementing new regulations, attachment disorders, and developing financial plans for early childhood programs.
  • Relax and rejuvenate yourself, discover innovative practices, network with other colleagues across the US and return ready to implement changes that you've learned!

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