Friday, February 22, 2013

Merck Fund Announces Three $1M Grants to Support Translational Research in Developmental Disabilities

The John Merck Fund announced today the first three grants - of $1 million each - through its new multi-year research program to support translational research into developmental disabilities. The Translational Research Program supports scientists in developing treatments and improving outcomes for individuals with developmental disabilities, particularly Down syndrome and Fragile X syndrome (and FX-associated disorders).
"Through this Program, the Fund is expanding its longstanding commitment to improving the lives of people with developmental disabilities and their families," said Olivia Farr, Chair of The John Merck Fund. "The Program will make approximately 10 grant awards of $1 million each."
"What's especially exciting about this Program," said Marsha Mailick, PhD, Chair of the Fund's Scientific Advisory Board, "is that it supports research with potential game-changing impact that is within the realm of probability - not just possibility - and could be achieved within 10 years."

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