Monday, May 11, 2015

Considered Scuba Diving? From the SC Spinal Cord Injury Association...

Is Scuba Diving For You?

Scuba Diving Certification For ALL!

Have you ever wanted to enjoy the under water mysteries? Is scuba diving on your bucket list? If your answer is YES, then now is the time to train to obtain your scuba diver certification.

Did you know that even if you have a spinal cord injury (quadriplegia or paraplegia) you can still become a certified scuba diver? Thomas Powell and his team of trained scuba professionals from Air Hogs Scuba will be delighted to train people with spinal cord injuries as well as people with all abilities.

Most people with spinal cord injuries will need a buddy to scuba dive. Therefore, if your loved one or friend would like to become a certified diver or help you as you become one, please tell him/her to come along.

The course will require the completion of an online academic program, a series of confined water pool dives, and four skill-based scuba dives in an open water environment. To assist students with differing physical capabilities, the training program will be adapted to ensure enjoyment and quality education. All necessary materials and equipment will be provided.

Fee: Discounted price of $400.00  
​South Carolina Spinal Cord Injury Association board member Yanisse Scott is interested in coordinating a scuba class for individuals with spinal cord injuries. Interested? Need more information? Please contact Yanisse at or 803-403-4506. Already signed up? Confirm with Yanisse and download the Medical Form.

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One study finds that scuba diving may help improve muscle movement, touch sensitivity and post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms in people with spinal cord injuries. Paralyzed Veterans of America

Scuba diving has unique therapeutic effects on the minds and bodies of people with spinal-cord-related paralysis.Johns Hopkins University 


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