Tuesday, June 09, 2015

My Life at Babcock by Kelly Doyle

                          My Life at Babcock
                                            by Kelly Doyle

Hi, my name is Kelly Doyle and I live at the Babcock Center.  My new place is called the Osprey house.  I go to the Parklane workshop Monday through Thursday.  We do contract work.  We sort rags and other things into different bags and the rest of the time we just talk and hang out and eat lunch.  On Fridays I work at the USC Medical Library from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.   

I want to spend more time with my house manager.  I want to go roller skating, go to the movies and dance all night long.  I really love hanging out with my staff.  I love them a lot.  It feels like I have a new family.  I really love living in a Babcock group home.  

There are things that I like and don’t like but I know I can deal with it.  I had to change my old lifestyle which was being lazy and staying up all night long and not doing anything.  I wasn’t doing any chores except for putting up the dishes, washing dishes (sometimes, not all the time) and washing my own clothes.  I had to change from being lazy to having to grow up and doing a lot of chores. I always made my bed everyday even though I lived at the other house.  My bed looks weird if I don’t make up my bed but that’s just me. The chores I do at Babcock are: mopping, making up my bed, cleaning up my bathroom, putting up my clothes in the drawers and hanging them up, and taking out the trash.  

We went to Golden Corral one night and we had a good time.  I had a big meal and three bowls of ice cream.  I am having a great time living here at Babcock.  I really love it.  I was really lonely living at the other house but now I feel like I’m loved here.  I really feel loved here at Babcock especially by my house manager.  When I moved into Babcock I started to have a social life.  I really love this group home.  

I thought I wasn’t going to like it here when I first heard about this group home, before I saw my new room and the staff, especially my house manager.  I really love this place.  My roommates are pretty cool but I’m more attached to the staff.  I love my roommates, too.  I just feel like I can really talk to the staff.  I love them.  I think I can really connect with the staff.  I don’t know what I would do without them.  They mean a lot to me.  And I’m not just talking about my house manager.  I love all of my staff at the Babcock group home.  I’m going to stay there for a long time because I love it so much.  I just hope I don’t lose the staff whenever I move into my own apartment.  

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