Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Message from Family Connection

Family Connection of South Carolina, Inc.

Friends and Partners:
Without doubt, anyone who has worked with Family Connection in the last 16 years has most likely come to know and love WC Hoecke, his own story and his family. With mixed emotions, we are saying goodbye and good luck to him as he carves out time to pursue other interests. However, we are not letting him go entirely. You will still see him involved in various ways, just not as a full-time employee.
Join me as we bid a fond farewell to WC and sincerely thank him for his tireless service and unwavering commitment to helping the families throughout our state.

Amy Holbert
Executive Director, Family Connection
A message from WC Hoecke
It is with a truly thankful heart, mixed with sincere sadness that I announce my retirement from Family Connection of South Carolina as of April 30. I've had the privilege and the pleasure of working and collaborating with some of South Carolina's finest. I do look forward to continuing my working with Family Connection in a different capacity.
Over the past 16 years, I've seen the staff of Family Connection, the professional partners, sister organizations and state agencies develop some very creative initiatives to improve the lives of children and youth in our state - even creating models used nationally. The best part of this job, by far, has been working with courageous and dedicated parents across this state and even the globe. You have inspired me to see the best in people and to expect the best from and for our children. I am truly a rich man for the honor of having you all as fellow workers and friends. This has always been a ministry for me. I thank God for allowing me the privilege of being one of the "shepherds" of such a great flock. My prayer for all of you is that we can find still waters and green pastures to allow our children to grow and flourish and ultimately to change their world.
I will remain with Family Connection as a senior consultant, leading a few trainings per month.  I am also available to lead other trainings. My "daily work" will shift to a business I started with my business partner three years ago. We do furniture repair and cabinet restoration, and I am finding it to be very therapeutic. 
Ultimately, this also affords me time to focus on my own vision, which many of you may have heard me mention. My hope is to build a community model of assisted living and retirement for families caring for adults with special healthcare needs. I hope to see you all at the "Farm" some day. Please know that this is not goodbye. I am still in Columbia. However, please do make the following changes in your contact files:  
  • For programing training and support about Family Connection, contact me through 
  • For council, friendly talk, consulting or leading trainings or workshops outside of Family Connection (or for furniture repair) contact me
In Royal Service,

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