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Senate Prepares to Vote on Healthcare Plan

June 26, 2017

From The President

Hello SCAS friend!
The United States Senate is preparing to vote on its' proposed Health Care Bill.  The South Carolina Autism Society shares the concerns of many other disability organizations about the effect this Bill, if enacted, would have on individuals with autism and other disabilities.
This bill proposes the biggest cuts to Medicaid in it's history, an estimated $800 billion over the next 10 years.  It shifts the burden of paying for Medicaid to the states, a cost South Carolina would struggle to afford.
If these cuts occur, what could happen?
• Already lengthy waiting lists for disability Waiver services will grow to record levels, and services may be severely limited. 
• People with disabilities who require Medicaid services to make it possible to live in their own homes, hold jobs, and participate in communities may be without those supports.
• Schools may no longer be reimbursed for services provided within the school setting.  This would only increase the burden on schools, and monies would have to come from other educational sources. 
For more information on how this bill would affect individuals with disabilities, please review the following reports:
• The Consortium for Citizen's with Disabilities (CCD) statement on the Better Care Reconciliation Act
• Center for Budget and Policy Priorities' report on the effects of the bill on individuals with disabilities.

We encourage everyone to contact their United States Senators and tell them you oppose this bill and any cuts or caps to Medicaid.

Here’s how you can Take Action Now!

• Find your legislators at
• South Carolina Residents can contact Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator Tim Scott
• Call your United States Senators and tell them to oppose the proposed Medicaid cuts in the Senate Health Care Bill! 
• Call your Governor and State Legislators.  Remind them what cuts to the Medicaid would affect the state budget and why Medicaid matters to you.
• Ask your family and friends to support you and do the same!
What to Say:
• I am your constituent.
• Explain if you are a person with a disability, a family member of someone with a disability, or a professional in the disability field.
• Tell them that you do not want cuts or caps on Medicaid! 
• Explain how Medicaid helps you or your family member to have health care and community based services.
If you need assistance in learning how to get engaged, visit ASAN’s toolkit on basic civic engagement for self-advocates.
Thank you for all your efforts to advocate for those with autism and other disabilities!
Kim Thomas, President & CEO
South Carolina Autism Society
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