Monday, October 13, 2008

Excel with Excel!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Excel with Excel! 8:30am – 12:30pm Fast Forward Community Technology Center 3223 Devine Street, Columbia

Presenter: Elizabeth Bagley, Ed.D., Client Advocate,

This workshop will teach participants how to utilize some of the features of Microsoft Excel that often go undiscovered by teachers. Participants will learn the basics of Excel and then discover how to transform the standard spreadsheet into a teaching tool. Excel contains many features and formulas that, when used correctly, are beneficial for many students AND teachers.

Students with learning disabilities need to be careful not to practice incorrect answers. This workshop will show how Excel can offer students independent study opportunities and instant feedback for skill practices across disciplines. Teachers will learn how to make worksheets to assist in the tedious and repetitive number crunching task of averaging grades. Participant’s role will be interactive and hands-on.

(Note: This workshop is being taught in Excel 2003. Similar features in Excel 2007 may be accessed differently.)

Participants will learn the following Excel basics:
* The Excel Window
* Explanation of a Workbook versus a Worksheet
* Rows/Columns/Cells
* Menus (and the “most important” functions in them)
* Shortcut Keys
* Toolbars (how to view them, how to move them)
* Formula bar
* What displays in a cell versus what is really in a cell
* Selecting cells, rows and columns
* Selecting individual cells that aren’t continuous
* Moving cells, rows, and columns
* Formatting cells (number, alignment, font, patterns)
* Borders versus Gridlines
* Protection
* Format Painter
* Introduction to formulas (simple ones)
* Sorting Data

Participants will learn the following formulas needed for different teacher tools:
* Blank cell
* Yes/No results
* Results between two numbers
* Averaging grades (number grades)
* Averaging grades (letter grades)
* Indicator lights

Participants will learn the following teacher projects:
* Create a Gradebook
* Create Interactive Displays
* Skill Reviews
* Quizzes/Tests
* Attendance Sheets
* Forms: (Placement Charts (seating charts), Number Charts/Multiplication Charts, Calendars

Registration and Cost: There is no fee to register for this class, but pre-registration is required. Attendance is limited to 18.

To register for this workshop:
* Option 1: Complete the online registration form
* Option 2: Email Sally Young at
* Option 3: Call Sally Young at (803) 935-5263 or 800-915-4522.
* Option 4: Fax your registration information to (803) 935-5342. Please include your name, organization, address, email address, phone.

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