Wednesday, November 03, 2010

$2 Million Dollar Grant Will Help People with Disabilities Study Science "Students who dream of studying science but face hurdles because of physical impairments may find new options thanks to a $2 million grant awarded to Purdue University.

"The science community sees a drop in students studying science when they move from undergraduate to graduate work because graduate students need to be able to work independently in laboratories," said Bradley S. Duerstock, an assistant research professor at the Center for Paralysis Research and principal investigator on the project. "Many laboratories do not have the physical space to navigate a wheelchair or adjustable lab equipment that provides people with disabilities the necessary hands-on experience required in a lab. These obstacles are keeping many bright minds from studying and pursuing careers in areas such as biomedical research."

The grant, which is administered by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences and funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, will support the creation of an Institute for Accessible Science at Purdue. The institute will create an accessible wet laboratory, which is the standard laboratory for scientists to conduct experiments on chemical and biological matter, and a Web-based interactive community for individuals with disabilities currently working in, or are interested in, biomedical research careers."

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