Monday, November 15, 2010

Specialized Phone Equipment

scedp logoMany people with hearing or speech impairments have difficulty using a typical phone. The South Carolina Equipment Distribution Program (SCEDP) provides free, specialized phone equipment.

Examples are: a phone that amplifies the signal so the caller can be better heard, or text on a screen that shows what the caller is saying. Other equipment amplifies the user’s voice.
SCEDPs Product Guide provides information about available equipment to help find the best solution to meet individual needs. The Guide also answers many questions about the specific equipment offered by the program.

Applying for specialized phone equipment can be done in five easy steps. Qualifying disabilities are: hard-of-hearing, deaf, deaf-blind, blind/low vision with hearing loss, or speech impaired. A landline phone is also necessary to qualify for equipment.

(Note: LifeLine/Linkup is a state-funded program that helps people with low-incomes install and pay for a landline phone.)

101 Executive Center Drive, Suite 120, Saluda Building, Columbia, SC 29210
toll free: 877.225.8337 (Voice), 877.889.8337 (TTY)
local: 803.896.8337 (Voice), 803.896.8334 (TTY)
fax: 803.896.8345

To view the SCEDP website, follow the link in this post's title.

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