Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Monthly Workshops Offered at the SC Autism Society

All workshops will be held at the SC Autism Society 
806 12th Street West Columbia
10:00 AM Until Noon
Space is limited
Register by calling Delilah at 750 6988 ext 108 or email

Thursday, March 19thVisual Supports in the Home and School EnvironmentVisual supports are crucial to children with autism.  They help them to break down tasks into small steps, know what is expected of them, know what to do and how to do it, and to help alleviate anxiety that comes from not knowing what to expect.  A student with autism needs structure and visual support that can help them in many ways.  In this workshop, we will demonstrate many wonderful free or low cost materials and resources that can be used for scheduling, task analysis and behavioral modification.
Thursday, April 23rdHow do I read my child’d IEP?  Important factors that all parents should know.IEP meetings can be overwhelming to say the least.  In this workshop, we will go over IEP’s and show you exactly what you need to know when you attend these meetings.  Crucial elements of the IEP will be discussed to ensure that your child is getting the services that they need.
Thursday, May 28thAdolescents and Sexuality; Resources that can helpAll individuals experience sexual urges and some students need help with learning how to deal with these feeling when they start.  In this workshop, we will go over how to deal with your sexuality for males and females, personal hygiene, and birth control.  We will also demonstrate various texts and websites that can help your adolescent child better deal with their sexuality.
Thursday, July 30thSensory Integration – How Can I Help My Child?The majority of students with autism have Sensory Processing Disorder.  Students can be hypersensitive or hyposensitive to certain sights, sounds, smells and especially noises.  This disorder can interfere with everything in the child’s life.  We will discuss what this disorder is and how we can help to desensitize children who experience problems in this area and how exercise and movements is vital to calm and relaxed to they can attend to various tasks.  We will demonstrate items that can help students in these areas and discuss books that can help educators’ and parents to learn more about SPD.
Thursday, August, 27thCreating Social Stories 
Since students with ASD are extremely visual, social stores can help alleviate difficult behaviors, anxiety, stress and the unknown.  In this workshop, we will discuss how to create a social story and we will also go over free and low-cost resources where you can find social stories that are premade.  Bring your own computer or iPad if available.

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