Wednesday, February 03, 2016

AccessAbility Workshops

This is from Julia Martinelli, Executive Director of AccessAbility 
AccessAbility is offering eight different workshops to assist people with disabilities to empower themselves.  We offer individual and group life skills coaching programs for people with disabilities. We serve Williamsburg, Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties.
Free for people with disabilities

Call Nathan Todd at 843-225-5080, ext. 104 or register online.

Workshops are offered weekly for six weeks. One hour each.

Williamsburg, Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties only
Workshops can be held at your site or at AccessAbility
The workshops focus on:
Empowerment - Target tweens and young adults with disabilities to build positive self-esteem, worth and self- determination.

Bullying - Target youth with disabilities who have received or engaged in bullying.

Soft Skills 1 – Introduction: Focus on rudimentary skills in the following areas: Time Management, Boundaries, Communication and Personal Hygiene.  A review is completed during the final session.

Soft Skills 2 – Intermediate: Introduction of learning about what Soft Skills are- Social interaction (handshake and introductions), key mannerisms that build on success in workforce and social interactions (dos & don'ts), and social and business etiquette (rules that govern working with others including cell phone use).

Soft Skill 3 – Advanced: Time Management Tools (schedules, time worksheets, priority lists, etc.) Boundaries (material, physical and mental), communication including role play - interactive participation (how we communicate, the art of give and take), and hygiene (much more involved. Includes: spread of germs, odor control, etc.).

Hard Skills - Banking (how to), Resume writing (step by step development), interviewing techniques (interviewing skills) and money.
Others include nutrition and health and grief.
A certificate of accomplishment will be issued upon completion. 

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