Friday, April 30, 2010

My Special Olympics Track and Field Day

"Thanks to Terra’s mom I got a chance to be on the Track and Field team. She is also the track and field is near the USC College. We had to order our Special Olympics track and field uniforms. Then later we had to walk around the whole track. It was really hot there. It was so hot that I got sunburned on my shoulders and my neck. Then we waited for our events to start. I watched Terra do the shot put throw. Then it was my turn to do my event. I did the softball throw. I got first place in my event. But I knew I was going to get first place before I got the ribbon. Because I am good at throwing the ball really far. And that’s how I know I was getting first place. I’m going to Fort Jackson May 7-9. If you would like to see me do the softball throw come on May 8. I can’t wait until I go to Fort Jackson. It will be a lot of fun. I will tell you readers all about Fort Jackson in the next newsletter.

In the future I would like to do the 50-meter dash for track and field. I would love to roller skate for Special Olympics. That is my favorite sport. It’s also my passion. Well, next to writing that is."
-Kelly Doyle

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