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Home-School Collaboration in Positive Behavior Support for Students with Autism: Challenges and Opportunities

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June 10, 2010
9:00 am-4:00 pm
Lunch is included in workshop fee.
Workshop Fee: $75BACB CEU fee (optional): $20
Location: MAP
Columbia Conference Center
169 Laurelhurst Ave.
Columbia, SC
In this workshop, participants will be introduced to knowledge and skills in conducting functional assessments and designing positive behavior support (PBS) plans in collaboration with families of students with autism and related developmental disabilities who engage in problem behavior.

The focus will be on home and school contexts or routines in which collaboration between parents and educators in functional assessment and PBS is necessary to resolve problem behavior. These contexts or routines include a child’s initial entry into a public school setting, difficult transitions to and from school, doing homework, and contextual events during non-school hours that may adversely affect child behavior at school.

First, opportunities and challenges in home-school collaboration will be discussed and best practices in PBS and in home-school collaboration will be presented. Then, through a case study illustration and a small group exercise, participants will be introduced to the knowledge and skills necessary to:

1) build a summary hypothesis statement based on functional assessment results for a problematic home and/or school context/routine; and
2) design a positive behavior support plan that is likely to be effective and contextually appropriate when implemented by a parent or educator.

Information about this workshop may be viewed by clicking the link in this post's title. The registration page is here.

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