Monday, November 19, 2012

Clinical Trials for Parkinson Research


The Columbia Parkinson's Support Group encourages our members and the Parkinson's community to participate in Clinical Trials / Studies / Research projects, that they determine are appropriate for them. For information about Clinical Trials and how to decide to participate in a Clinical Trial CLICK HERE

You + One Phone Call + One Email = EXPD2  

Dr. Tom Faber has an on-going interest in trying to discover if exercise has any influence on the progression of dementia in Parkinson's disease (PDD).  Because of his interest, Dr. Faber and the Exercise Science department at USC are developing a clinical study called EXPD2 (EXercise forPrevention of Dementia in Parkinson's Disease).

EXPD2 will consist of two groups of PD patients over the age of 50, without dementia, and without any limitations to exercise (e.g., no major heart or lung problems, no severe arthritis, etc).  The patients will be split into high and low intensity exercise groups.  They will be followed for a period of time to determine if there is any apparent difference in cognitive testing between the two groups.  The exercise programs and any testing will be "FREE" to all participants.

ONE PHONE CALL - If you think you "may be" interested in participating in the EXPD2 study, please call Hannah or Joselyn at the USC Department of Neurology - 803-545-6078 -- to add your name to a list of patients interested in participating.  By putting your name on the EXPD2 list, there is no commitment at this time.  Once funding is obtained, they will contact those who are on the EXPD2 list to see if you are still interested.

ONE EMAIL - You can help EXPD2 become a funded clinical study by sending just one email expressing your support for funding the EXPD2 clinical study about dementia and Parkinson's disease.  

Note: Your privacy "will be respected".  Your email address will not be kept after the email is received or used for anything else - no spam - no solicitations - no nothing

What if you are "not interested" in participating in Dr. Faber's EXPD2 study, but you want to help?  You can still help by sending just "one email" expressing your support for funding the EXPD2 clinical study about dementia and Parkinson's disease.   

 -- send your email to   Please include a short statement about the following 4 questions:

  1. Who you are?  I am a ... (patient, caregiver, family member of a patient, co-worker of a patient, etc.)
  2. Why this study is important to you?   The EXPD2 clinical study is important to me because ...
  3. What you think about the condition of Parkinson's disease?  I think that the condition of Parkinson's
    disease ...
  4. What you think about the condition of dementia in Parkinson's disease?  I think that the condition of dementia in Parkinson's disease ...
That is all it takes to show your support for EXPD2!

ONE PHONE CALL to 803-545-6078 to tell them you "may be interested" in participating in theEXPD2 clinical study. 

ONE EMAIL to to let them know you support funding the EXPD2 clinical study (even if you decide not to be a participant in the clinical study.

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