Friday, November 16, 2012

Kelly Doyle Book Review

"Very Shy" written By Barbara Shook Hazen and illustrated by Shirley Chan is about a girl named Nancy who is Very shy.  She always wanted to hide out.    She has a hard time speaking up for herself.  She has a special place where she felt safe.  She has 2 friends who lived down the street from her.  Their names are Amy and Andy.  They have been friends ever since they were babies.  And they liked her even though they disagreed with each other.  She loves to pretend that she could be anything she wanted in fantasy land.  But she could only do that in her own room.  I love this book because this book reminds me of me when I was little.  And now when I’m in my 30’s.  I feel like Nancy because I still feel very shy.  But only when I’m around one person.  I wish I knew why I’m shy around one person  and I’m not shy around everybody else.  But the other people I’m talking about are people I know.  I’m only shy around new people and that 1 person but that’s it.  Nobody else.  I have a special place where I feel safe.  In my room in front of the TV.  I only watch DVD’s.  Because 1. I don’t have cable.  And 2. Because I don’t want cable.  That is my fantasy land where I can pretend that I can do everything that I see on my DVD’s.       

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