Thursday, November 12, 2015

Brain in Hand - Cool New Apps

There's an app for that: how assistive tech changes lives of people with autism

(The Guardian) - Bethan Jones is a teenager with autism and has been going through her ultimate nightmare: transition from school to college with a complete change of routine, bus route and circle of friends. But she is managing to cope with these steps to independence thanks to a high-tech phone app that links her directly to her own support worker when her stress levels become too much.
The 16-year-old from Wirral has been using the cloud-based app Brain In Hand for the past six months to plan her daily activities studying childcare at college in Birkenhead. This includes coping strategies and logging her stress levels according to a traffic-light system. Pressing the red button puts Bethan straight through to her support worker at Wirral Autistic Society so she can get immediate advice and reassurance.
Brain In Hand is one of a range of a products being highlighted at Autech 2015, a conference in Manchester on 1 October to highlight the groundbreaking technologies available to support people with autism. It is aimed at professionals and carers, and highlights the opportunities for improved practice through the use of these assistive technologies (AT).
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