Wednesday, May 05, 2010

List of Donated Books From MUSC

photo of new books
Thanks to our friends at the Medical University of South Carolina Library, the CDR Library has recently acquired the following older titles, many of which offer a unique glimpse into the history of how different intellectual and developmental disabilities were once viewed.

Babies With Down Syndrome (1986)
Medical Aspects of Disability (1993)
Autism: Strategies for Change (1988)
The Sociology of Physical Disability and Rehabilitation (1976)
Adolescents With Down Syndrome (1997)
Diagnosis and Assessment in Autism (1988)
Advances in Down Syndrome (1988)
Autism (1989)
Understanding Other Minds (1993)
Parents and Children in Autism (1979)
Children With Down Syndrome (1990)
The Young Child With Down Syndrome (1983)
Medical Aspects of Disability (1999)
Autism (1976)
Psychological & Social Impact of Physical Disability (1977)
Growth Hormone Treatment in Down's Syndrome (1993)
The Young Person with Down Syndrome: Transition From Adolescence to Adulthood (1988)
Down's Syndrome and the Family (1978)
Early Childhood Autism (1976)
Autism (1979)
Assessing the Mentally Retarded (1983)
The Riddle of Autism (1983)

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