Thursday, May 13, 2010

Zam Communicators - free from AstraZeneca through SCATP

The South Carolina Assistive Technology Program is pleased to announce the donation of Zam Communicators from AstraZeneca, a Delaware-based pharmaceutical company.
The Zam Communicator is a portable, lightweight, rechargeable, two-sided communication device that was developed to help improve communication between people who are unable to speak and others. The device has a keypad for spelling out words and pictures representing 35 messages such as “Thirsty,” “Hungry,” and “What time is it?” The messages are displayed on a dual-sided LCD screen at the top of the communication device. To use the Zam, the individual will need to use at least one finger or some type of mouthstick or headstick to push the buttons.
SCATP is making the Zam Communicators available for long-term loans to South Carolinians of all ages with temporary or permanent communication difficulties. The Zam Communicators long-term loans are free of charge on a first come, first served basis. The Zam Communicators can be given directly only to individuals or their friends/family members on their behalf. When the Zam Communicator is no longer needed, it must be returned to SCATP. SCATP cannot sell or distribute Zam Communicators to medical facilities, healthcare personnel, agencies or organizations.
If you know of someone who could benefit from this device, please have the individual, a friend, a family member, a speech-language pathologist or other professional who is inquiring on behalf of an individual contact SCATP. There are two ways to receive a Zam Communicator:
1) Pick up the device from the SCATP Resource Center by appointment. Call 803-935-5337 and speak to an SCATP staff member or leave a message to make an appointment for pick up. You will need to fill out a long-term device loan agreement to receive the Zam Communicator.
2) If you are not able to pick up your Zam Communicator and need it shipped to you, please e-mail Crystal Loynes at or call and leave a message at 803-935-5337. You will need to fill out a long-term device loan agreement to receive the Zam Communicator.

AstraZeneca and the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Center for Disability Resources make no warranty and assume no liability for the device or any of the included components.
For more information see, including a FAQ sheet.

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