Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wings for Autism is Coming to Columbia!

We all look forward to taking vacations and visiting family and friends. These experiences create lifelong memories and strengthen the important relationships in our lives.  However, for many people with autism and other intellectual/developmental disabilities, the experience of air travel can be overwhelming and difficult, making these trips seem impossible.

Wings for Autism® program is an airport rehearsal program specifically designed for individuals on the autism spectrum, people with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their families. The program gives families the chance to experience the process of taking a flight. Families arrive at the airport, check in at the ticket counter and receive their boarding pass, go through TSA security, and board a plane. 

The original program was designed for a family that had a negative experience while attempting to travel. Their story prompted the Charles River Center (CRC), a local Chapter of The Arc, to reach out to other families to understand their experiences with air travel. CRC learned that hundreds of individuals with autism and their families in the greater Boston area were interested in participating in an air travel training program, and as a result designed the Wings for Autism program with the Massachusetts Port Authority Boston Logan International Airport.

We are delighted to bring Wings for Autism to the Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE) on Saturday, April 18, 2015, and we would like to extend an invitation to you to join us. There is no registration cost but families are responsible for paying their own costs to travel to and from the airport. Space is limited.  The South Carolina Autism Society is partnering with several organizations to bring this exciting program to South Carolina.  We hope to schedule additional events at other South Carolina airports in the future.  

Click here for additional information and to register for this event!  

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