Monday, August 31, 2015

Research Confirms... Seeing the World in 'a Different Way' Sparks Unique Ideas

Research confirms that seeing the world in ‘a different way’ sparks unique ideas

(The Guardian) - A new study suggests that people with autism display higher levels of creativity and imagination.  In the study, people with autism were far more likely to come up with unique and novel answers to creative problems despite having traits that are typically considered to be socially and occupationally crippling.

Co-author of the study, Dr. Catherine Best, speculated that these findings ‘may be because they are approaching things very differently.  It goes a way towards explaining how some people with what is often characterized as a disability exhibit superior creative talents in some domains’.

‘There are many misconceptions and myths about autism,’ said Jolanta Lasota, chief executive of the charity Ambitious about Autism, ‘the biggest one including being antisocial and having a lack of empathy. However, what people with autism struggle with is fitting their feelings of sympathy and caring into everyday interactions’.

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